CANTREVA has extensive experience in planning, management and execution of a wide spectrum of projects and processes related to the construction industry. Our experience is gained by the successful completion of projects by our company, by our executives and their proven track record in the construction sector, by  the contribution of references by members of our synergy network as also through our working alongside our customers' engineering, management and operating teams, with emphasis on our involvement and cooperation as contractors in construction projects deliverable to multinational companies.

The involvement of our staff, during or before their inclusion in our teams, in various construction segments, provides us the ability to understand the particular needs of clients from different sectors. Although  processes defining a construction project and regardless of the sector, might seem similar to the inexperienced observer, we at CANTREVA have learned to identify current as also evolving and future specific requirements of our customers and accordingly adjust our workflow and operating procedures, however always obedient to our values of high performance, state of the art engineering and in highest safety for personnel.




Like no other contractor, CANTREVA applies principals gained by practical experience in order to provide real turnkey solutions and to allow to our clients to concentrate on their core business instead of micromanaging the projects they assign to us.

Overall, our consolidated experience in engineering, planning, managing and implementing projects,  covers the following sectors:


•  Photovoltaic plants

•  Wind farms

•  Hydro plants

•  Substations 20kV\150kV


•  Fibre Optic Networks (FTTx etc.)

•  Data Farms/Centers

Heavy Duty

•  Gas Stations

•  Warehouses

•  Fire Safety upgrades (Industrial)


•  Residential

•  Offices

•  Commercial applications