CANTREVA allocates significant resources to research and development and  promotes innovation within its organization as also within our synergy network of associates and subcontractors. We believe that development and improvement of our skills by application of new ideas, processes and techniques, is the path to succeeding in our goal of maintaining a leading performance position in the sectors we operate.


Therefore, we continuously try to improve the processes of our organizational workflow by encouraging our staff to indicate and propose ways for the optimization of our efficiency. Part of the improvement process, is the introduction of established work models within our company, however we preferably seek the improvement of our efficiency by application of new custom and obedient to our philosophy models, typically defined and optimized internally by our staff and associates.


Further to the innovating processes of adjusting our internal organization overall, we also encourage our engineering staff to develop improvements during the design and engineering of projects and by aiming at more efficient and sophisticated deliverables to our clients.



The internal  commitment for improved designs and engineering solutions for our works, has become an integral part of our workflow. The process, not only stimulates the enthusiasm of our engineering teams, not only inspires our staff overall, but it also provides CANTREVA and our synergy partners, the ability to provide competent, proficient and state of the art works to our clients.


Some examples of innovation achieved during the last three years by our staff are the following:

Engineering, manufacturing and installation of light weight screw piles, applicable for a wide range of structural supports. The solution is characterized by application flexibility and fast installation advantages.

Engineering, manufacturing and installation of structural supporting system for photovoltaic plants. The solution is characterized by low cost and fast installation advantages, hence a very attractive value for money ratio has been achieved for our works and our clients.

Optimized engineering and installation of electrical components for photovoltaic plants leading to very increased performance ratios for the plants of our clients.