CANTREVA's main philosophy is that our human resources, not only are our main asset, but "CANTREVA is our staff". In that sense we highly rate the rotating involvement of both junior and senior associates in various fields and decisions during our operations within our organization and we endorse the development of our personnel through educational seminars and beyond their typical academic qualifications. In addition we encourage our staff to propose and develop new ideas and techniques, which also contributes to the innovative character of our company.

CANTREVA justifies its acknowledgement of the significance of its staff by the application of strict health and safety policies during our operations. The adoption of OHSAS-18001 processes in addition to in-house defined health and safety procedures, aim at a "zero accident policy". Health and safety are priority number one during the definition and execution of any of ours' operations. Our offices, construction sites, warehouses etc. are exceptional examples of highest health and safety provisions. CANTREVA has been rated by its clients (some of which are multinational companies) as one of the most dedicated companies to health and safety provisions and that on a global level of comparison.



CANTREVA ensures the quality of its performance not only through strict application of ISO 9001 processes, but also through the involvement of experienced and senior professionals of various principles, during planning, execution, commissioning and handing over of our projects. Our quality plans and commissioning procedures are constantly updated and reflect the experience gained by the successful completion of previous assignments.

CANTREVA highly values its cooperation with member companies of our synergy network, a cooperation which is based on a CSV (Creating Shared Value) scheme and which synergy network allows us  to  remain on the edge of technical know-how, as also maintain our high performance capabilities.

 Within the frame of our dedication to performance, CANTREVA is following EVM (Earned Value Management) techniques during the execution of any project, thus ensuring a very tight monitoring philosophy of works' progress (time, cost). The strict application of EVM techniques  reflect immediately important benefits to our clients and the projects we execute. CANTREVA is able of preforming large scale of works, in parallel and in various geographical locations, under very tight schedules and without cost overruns.